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Alkaline Gourmet aims to help individuals and communities heal.
With a "wholistic" approach, we offer herbal/health consultations, food products, cookbooks, seminars, classes, etc. We fully engage with our clients in their route to wellness.

This is why maintaining a proper pH balance within your body while providing energy, health and wellness is essential. Discover how our delicious line of alkaline foods can help increase your energy, enhance nutrient absorption and ease digestion…reclaim your health and recapture your sense of good health for life!
What is an alkaline/native plant? "A species that occurs in a particular region, ecosystem, and habitat without direct or indirect human actions.” They are indigenous to their natural habitats.

Just as our lungs need clean oxygen to thrive, our cells do as well. Yet day in and day out we feed our cells with synthetic and chemically altered food that slowly suffocates these cells until they mutate, and then the mutations multiply uncontrollably and turn to attack our good cells. The common sense cure for "dis-ease" would then be to cleanse the body of the toxins that you have "put in" your system for years. You certainly can't cleanse with more poison, so you have to cleanse with whole organic food.

While the manifestation of disease can be caused by mechanical means (i.e. mental and/or emotional stress, poor eating habits and nutrition, repressed emotions and/or sleep deprivation as well as extrinsic poisons) the damage is to a natural biological structure. This indicates that the approach has to focus on the natural biological structure; and the approach to reversing and eliminating severe nutritional deficiency and mineral imbalance, requires a “wholistic” treatment process that addresses an individual’s genetic, biochemical and electrical structure.
It is a cleansing or cellular rinsing of every cell. This cellular cleansing process insures proper nourishment and strengthening of the cells, whilst cleansing the entire cellular matrix or every cell that makes up the “whole” body systems. Simply stated, (and it bears repeating for emphasis) it is the cellular cleansing of every organ that comprises the human organism.The cells that make up the various organs or body systems are cleansed and rinsed with our natural vegetation cell food or “electric” cell food. Our compounds break down calcification, toxins, acids and mucus build up that has accumulated in the body over the years. After breaking down of cell debris with our compounds, the cells then undergo a series of rinsing that completes the process. Without completion of this process, and, if toxins are not eliminated, they will be recycled throughout the entire body manifesting in DISEASE OR SEVERE PATHOLOGY.Eventually, an individual will get a breakdown in the weakest organ due to its inability to cope with the influence and the effects of the toxic buildup.
We present the following information that you need to be aware of:
1. The adult human body is composed of 100 trillion (100,000,000,000,000) + cells that carries a genetic blueprint. The natural and basic programming of each cell within the human body is to regenerate itself (average of 300 million cells per minute) to maintain a healthy balanced state. The innate intelligence of the body is what keeps it and all the systems in operation.
2. Every cell has only one common genetic instruction: to follow the genetic programming and keep recreating (mitosis) themselves according to the genetic blueprint within DNA. Our Creator has wonderfully designed the human body with the capacity for self-healing or self-regeneration of damaged or weathered tissues once its natural energetic bio-mineral balance is achieved and maintained.
3. Throughout the years, the stress, pressure of urban living coupled with our own ignorance, as we sometimes blindly follow cultural food choices, attitudes, and tradition that over the long haul (as urban dwellers) work contrary to our natural physiological balance and serve us not. This aspect of urban living, over time, suppresses our body’s innate intelligence and forces it to adapt our natural body system functions “unnaturally”.
4. Due to the body’s self-regulating capabilities the body adapts its normal functions to compensate for the affects of bio-mineral deficiency and imbalance that create inevitable symptoms and eventually manifest as disease.


We are Alkatricians not medical doctors. We provide herbs that may improve conditions as well as enzymes and other dietary supplements to improve digestion and to nourish and support normal function and structure of the body. Please consult your physician. If you suspect any disease. The health of you and your loved ones is important. We do not diagnose, prescribe for, treat or claim to prevent, mitigate or cure any human diseases. Treat this web site as an educational tool. It enables you to better understand, assess, and choose the best course of treatment when a health problem arises, and how to prevent health problems from developing in the first place. It could save your life.