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Traveling with Dr. Sebi

Atum Dre

Alkaline. Pioneering. Innovative. Progressive.

Multi-talented Alkatrician and founder of Alkaline Gourmet (est. 2012), Atum Dre was born and raised in Newport News, Virginia. He currently resides in Hampton, Virginia, where he is simultaneously in his laboratory, creating new recipes, spice blends and preparing herbal compounds and formulas to help aid his clients on their journey from illness to wellness. Throughout his journey, he has used his cutting-edge style as a tool to be the first of many accomplishments. Atum Dre was recognized by Dr. Sebi as one of the first to have food items approved by the FDA from the ingredients listed on Sebi’s coveted nutritional guide. Atum Dre’s energy and knowledge continued to gain the approval of Dr. Sebi. This lead to Atum Dre being invited by Dr. Sebi to be the first to travel on his lecture tour and provide meals after each event to the lecture participants.

Atum Dre’s passion for innovation is demonstrated in his ability to be the first to market. His masterful creation of the breakfast patty made from a garbanzo bean base as opposed to the popular soybean base was the first of its kind. This highly acclaimed breakfast patty has earned worldwide distribution and has been sold in over twenty-eight states and three countries. Atum Dre’s journey continues as a servant teacher. Atum Dre has amassed over four hundred clients. His ability to connect and teach on the alkaline lifestyle with herbal protocols has attracted celebrity clientele. Some of his clients have been Wendy Williams, Jill Scott and long-time vegan, Mya. Providing the path to wellness through an alkaline lifestyle is one of Atum Dre’s goal. He is working to create a healing village in the tropics for people to unplug from society and reconnect to mother nature. In addition, he shares his knowledge by engaging people daily on his social media platforms to continue the legacy of Dr. Sebi, the great master teacher.

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